The Advantage of a Private Label

Your brands are important to you. Providing the best products for your customers, while optimizing your bottom line is the ultimate goal for any company.

The landscape of product development has changed over the years. Gone are the days where companies created all of their own products and sold them to their customers. Nowadays, you can benefit from the research, development and testing of a company who builds their business around product development, research and testing. A company like Shrader.

With Shrader, you will benefit from our 6+ decades of trials and tribulations. We’ve learned a lot of lessons over the years and we want you to benefit from that experience. There are many advantages that Shrader chemical private label products will bring to your business:

  • Build loyalty with quality tested products for your customers, labeled with your company brand.
  • Reduce overhead by purchasing products that are manufactured in our factories.
  • Over 60 years of research and development goes into every Shrader private label product.
  • Dedicated personnel to help you understand “your” brand of products.
  • Develop a partnership with Shrader as we offer our years of knowledge and technical experience to you and ultimately to your customers.
  • Marketing professionals will help you develop industry-compliant labels and materials to further grow your brand.

Why use a Shrader Private Brand?

The company that James Malcolm built was based on the idea that products should solve problems the right way, and that true partnership is a shared vision. It is this dedication that has made the industry’s most prominent OEM trust Shrader since the 1950s. With over 6 decades of creating chemical products, it’s very likely that your vehicles have already benefited from Shrader products.

    Customers in 26 different countries trust the Shrader brand for premium automotive products.
    Shrader private label products are world class. With experience that has been time-tested, and products that are endorsed by some of the top OEMs in North America, we’re more than ready to power a new generation and expand into new markets ahead.
    Over six decades ago, one product created as the solution for one major OEM put Shrader on the map.

    Now, we’re a full-service business that’s become the chosen solution for leading OEMs from product design and manufacturing to warehousing and distribution. We’re not just on the map, we’re all over it. Customers worldwide trust Shrader for premium chemical products.

    We believe that innovation is a timeless concept. Your customers expect a higher level of quality from their service centres, and only the best products, every time.Technology has evolved to meet new expectations. We’re driving forward a new generation of innovation, developing products that meet modern expectations for durability, safety, and green alternatives.
    We know that what you use, matters every time. You need the kind of products that you can rely on no matter the vehicle, work you do, road or journey you take. We are constantly redefining the meaning of quality in every aspect of operations from product design and performance, to manufacturing, safety, and environmental impacts.
    With decades of experience in chemical manufacturing, Shrader’s expert team provides educational resources and marketing materials designed to empower you and your team.


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