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Battery and Alternator Care Before Summer Comes

May / 2017

There’s no doubt about it – Winter does put a drain on your car’s electrical system. The strain usually comes …

Fore! – Getting Your Golf Gear Ready for a Good Showing

May / 2017

Any professional will tell you, attitude plays an important role in everything we do, such as playing a good round …

How to Store your Snowmobile for Summer

May / 2017

Winter is long gone and our favorite snowmobile trails have long since converted from snow, to slush, and to mud. …

Is Your Boat Trailer Ready for Launch?

May / 2017

Normally, we don’t give geography lessons, but two interesting facts deserve your attention: “Canada is the second-largest country in the …

On the Road Again – RV Spring Cleaning

May / 2017

After being cooped up all Winter, it’s no wonder that some of us absolutely need to get out of the …

Store and Protect Snow Removal Equipment Off-Season

May / 2017

After spending hundreds of dollars on a snowblower or thousands of dollars on a snowplow, one would expect these to …

The Future of the Showroom; How Car Ownership May be Dying in Canada

Jun / 2017

Car ownership as we know it is facing a dilemma in our country. History has not shown a true competitor …

The Right Lube for the Right Job

May / 2017

There’s an old saying: “If it should move and it doesn’t, use a spray lube. If it moves and it …


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