Fore! – Getting Your Golf Gear Ready for a Good Showing

May / 2017

Any professional will tell you, attitude plays an important role in everything we do, such as playing a good round of golf. A bad night’s sleep, a hard week at work, or a disagreement with a friend can negatively impact your golf game. We’ve all heard the excuses, but it turns out that they’re at least legitimate, but maybe overused. Interestingly, appearance plays a big part fomenting a good attitude. If clothes and golf gear aren’t clean, golfers don’t feel good about themselves, they can’t focus on the game, and they play a bad round. Worse, dirty golf clubs are hard to grip and don’t grip the ball well on the strike, resulting in poor shots, throwing off the golfer’s game even further.

Here are a few cleaning tips to help you get your golf game back on track, starting with cleaning your golf gear.

Cleaning Golf Clubs

As spotless as golf courses appear, it usually takes just a single drive to discover just how much grass, dirt, and sand your golf clubs can pick up. Such dirt reduces grip on the ball, reducing your control.

In-game, a golf brush might be used to flick off dirt and grass, but a deep-clean might be due when the round is over. To soften dirt on your irons, soak the heads in warm water and Shrader’s Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner for a few minutes. Then, using a soft-bristle brush, clean out the grooves – a toothbrush or brass-bristle brush are strong on dirt, but gentle on club faces. Woods shouldn’t be soaked, but can be cleaned with the same warm-water / Multi-Purpose Cleaner solution and a soft-bristle brush and a cloth.


Cleaning Golf Bags

While many players pay special attention to their clubs, golf bags tend to suffer, dirty clubs and balls thrown in at the end of a round, then the whole mess tossed into the trunk of the car and forgotten until the next game. Leaving your golf bag this way is a great way to encourage mold and mildew growth, not to mention hardware and golf club corrosion.

Use Shrader’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner to clean canvas and textile golf bags, restoring appearance and improving lifespan. After dumping everything out of the bag, use a garden hose to thoroughly soak the entire bag, inside and out. Then, spray Upholstery Cleaner on the surface and allow it to penetrate the surface. Use a soft-bristle brush to work the cleaner into any stains or stubborn deposits. Rinse with the garden hose, and let dry in a well-ventilated shady spot. Stuff dry towels into the bag to keep its shape, but not so much that the zippers cannot close.

Vinyl and leather golf bags – canvas bag leather accents, too – require a slightly different cleaning solution. Using a soft cloth, rub Shrader’s Leather and Vinyl Cleaner into the entire surface of the bag. Leather and Vinyl Cleaner gently removes dirt and surface stains and restores the surface sheen of leather and vinyl products. A sponge or horsehair brush may be needed for stubborn stains. After drying with a soft cloth, use a sponge to work in Shrader’s Leather and Vinyl Conditioner. This will restore luster and extend the life of your golf bag.

Cleaning Golf Shoes and Gloves

Just like golf bags, golf shoes and golf gloves need their own special care, depending on the material. Textile shoes and gloves can be cleaned with Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and allowed to dry in a well-ventilated shady area. Leather shoes and gloves can be cleaned with Leather and Vinyl Cleaner, then protected with Leather and Vinyl Conditioner. Use a stiff brush to clean golf shoe soles and spikes.

Why Choose Shrader?

Training and practice, of course, are essential to a good golf game, but cleaning your golf gear is more than just looking good. Three-time LPGA Championship winner and World Gold Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez notes that looking good just makes you feel better, and if you feel better, you play better. To get your golf gear looking its best, so you can play your best, trust Shrader Canada products. We’ve worked for over sixty years developing a lineup of products to clean and protect leathers, textiles, and metals throughout the game. Could a chemical company improve your golf game? If clean golf gear improves your state of mind, Shrader can help you get your mind back in the game.


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