Primary Use

Sluggish transmission performance, sliding shifts, chatter, and vibration can be the result of the degradation of the automatic transmission fluid, especially in severe service applications. Transmission fluid can become oxidized and burnt causing critical build-up on transmission components.

Key Features

  • Automatic Transmission Flush, when used with an approved automatic transmission flushing machine, will ensure that nay oxidation deposits resulting from degraded fluid will be removed.
  • All transmission valve bodies and components will be returned to a clean state and optimum performance will be restored.

Directions for Use

  • Follow the automatic transmission flushing machine manufacturer’s explicit directions for the use of the flushing product, otherwise damage to the transmission may occur.


1.Will it stop worn bands from slipping?

No, this problem will need professional replacement of worn bands.

2.Is it safe for all automatic transmissions?

Yes, this is an OEM approved formula that has undergone rigid engineering testing.

Why Shrader?

Automatic Transmission Flush is an OEM approved product formulated by Shrader Canada Limited. Shrader has manufactured automotive service product for the OEM’s for over 60 years. Our continued dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leader in the industry.


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