Primary Use

Battery Terminal Protector will provide prolonged protection from battery acid deposit build-up on battery terminals and battery cable ends.

Key Features

  • Blue-coloured product provides a protective film.
  • Protects terminals and cable ends from battery acid deposit build-up.
  • Very effective on plug-in connectors and wire joints to prevent corrosion build-up and potential short circuits.

Directions for Use

  • Shake well before using.
  • Ensure battery cell covers are securely sealed.
  • Ensure battery terminals and connectors are clean and dry.
  • Apply Battery Terminal Protector directly onto terminals, connectors and cable ends.
  • Allow protector to dry.


1. Is the product flammable?

Yes, due to components in the product, it is flammable.

2. Can it be used on all types of batteries?

Yes, it is an acrylic based formula and can be applied to any wet cell battery.

3. Will it harm painted surfaces?

It may cause discolouring if allowed to dry on painted surfaces. It is suggested that it be wiped off of painted surfaces immediately.

Why Shrader?

For 60 years Shrader Canada Limited has provided high quality products for the chemical industry. Shrader's continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as a leader in the industry. With a complete line of service chemicals that are OEM approved, Battery Terminal Protector is another product to protect battery terminals and cable ends from battery acid corrosion.


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