Primary Use

Instantly removes brake dust, oil residue, fluids and other contaminants from all types of brake assemblies including drum, disc pads, linings, springs, rotors, cylinders and CV joints.

Key Features

  • Features – This is our highest quality Brake Cleaner and the only formulation approved and used by most global OEM vehicle manufacturers. It provides quick and effective cleaning and drying to free brake parts from brake dust, grime and brake fluid build-up to enable the brakes to function properly without any mechanical hindrance.
  • Stand out – This Brake Cleaner is an advanced non-chlorinated /non-carcinogenic OEM- formulation cleaning solvent.
  • Problem solver – This non-chlorinated, Heptane-based product cuts through brake dust and grime and dries fast. Does not leave film or residue and will not damage rubber components.

Directions for Use

  • Brake parts should be disassembled before cleaning.
  • Spray product directly and liberally onto parts that require cleaning.
  • Allow product and grime to run off.
  • Parts will air dry.
  • Protect painted surfaces from over-spray.
  • The supplied extension straw allows for precise application.


1. Is it flammable?

Yes, however, in most applications the brake parts are not hot enough to cause combustion.

2. Does it dry quickly?

Yes, it has a high evaporation rate.

3. Will it harm painted surfaces?

Yes, if allowed to dwell on the surface. Recommended to wipe off immediately.

4. Is it a non-chlorinated product?

Yes, this product contains no chlorinated solvents and is also pressurized with CO2.

Why Shrader?

Shrader Canada Limited for over 60 years has provided the global automotive service industry with high quality products. Our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction sets us apart as an industry leader. Brake Parts Cleaner – OEM is the only formulation that is approved and used by OEM vehicle manufacturers.


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