Primary Use

The depletion of rust inhibitors and lubricants in radiator fluids will lead to rust and corrosion formation the cooling system, resulting the possibility of system blockage and leaks.

Key Features

  • Cooling System Conditioner is a concentrated blend of lubricants to help maintain coolant corrosion protection and water pump lubrication between cooling system servicing.
  • This additive will help to extend the life of the water pump, radiator and cooling system components.

Directions for Use

  • Check coolant level prior to adding fluid to ensure that the level is below the overflow mark.
  • Shake bottle well.
  • Pour contents into the radiator, start engine and run for approximately 15 minutes to circulate the product through the cooling system.
  • Repeat after each cooling system service.


1. Is it safe for aluminum radiators and engines?

Yes, there are not components that will negatively impact aluminum.

2. Will it stop small leaks?

No, it is not designed to stop leaks. It is recommended that a Stop Leak product be used in the event of small leaks.

3. What if there is a lot of rust in my system?

In this case it is recommended that a Cooling System Flush be used followed by the addition of Cooling System Conditioner.

Why Shrader?

Shrader Canada Limited has provided quality products for the automotive service industry for over 60 years and our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as an industry leader. Our complete line of automotive service chemicals includes Cooling System Conditioner which is an OEM approved product meeting or exceeding manufacturers requirements.


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