Primary Use

Diesel Anti-Gel -30 is a concentrated, full spectrum fuel additive and combustion catalyst designed for use with diesel fuel in cold climates. Cold weather crystalizes and thickens fuel due to wax formation growth. This formulation eliminates wax dropout due to sub-zero temperatures.

Key Features

  • Eliminates tank sludge.
  • Improves fuel mileage and clean burning combustion.
  • Reduces harmful emissions while improving lubricity.
  • Prevents corrosion to tanks and entire fuel system.
  • Improves pumpability in today's diesel fuels.
  • Improves cetane.
  • Contains no alcohol.

Directions for Use

  • Add Diesel Anti-Gel -30 to fuel tank when encountering cold weather.
  • 1 bottle treats 200 litres of diesel fuel.


1. Is it recommended for ULSD fuels?

Yes, a performance additive helps to replace the lubricity of sulphur.

2. What is the treat-rate?

946 ml bottle treats 200 litres of diesel fuel.

3. Will it increase fuel mileage?

Yes, 4% - 8% better fuel economy.

Why Shrader?

Diesel Anti-Gel -30 is designed to eliminate breakdowns and improve fuel economy for all diesel engines. This OEM approved formula has been designed by Shrader as part of the Heavy Duty line of maintenance products. With Shrader's long history of producing highly effective additives. Diesel Anti-Gel -30 is an important component to prolong safe and effective operation of diesel engines in cold climates.


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