Primary Use

Diesel Cetane Boost added to the fuel system allows for maximum performance. Recommended for use in ULSD fuels. Recommended for use with biodiesel.

Key Features

  • Proper use of Diesel Cetane Boost will improve diesel fuel quality to improve power, performance and cold starting.
  • It increases the Cetane number of diesel fuel depending on the treat rate used and existing fuel quality. Example: 1 litre of diesel cetane boost added to 500 litres of a lower cetane number diesel can provide up to 5-7 cetane number improvement.
  • This product helps to reduce exhaust emissions and to improve fuel efficiency.

Directions for Use

  • Pour contents of bottle into diesel fuel tank.
  • 946mL treats 200 litres of diesel fuel. (200:1).


1. Will this product lower the pour point of diesel fuel?

No, it will increase the cetane number of the fuel.

2. Will it provide any other characteristics like anti-gel, lubricity and detergency?

No, it is strictly a cetane boost.

3. Will the use diesel cetane boost reduce emissions?

Yes, this product helps to reduce exhaust emissions and to improve fuel efficiency.

Why Shrader?

  • Canadian-owned and operated, Shrader is a complete service company with 60 years of success.
  • A complete one-stop operation. All design, formulation, manufacturing, and supply chain services are managed in-house.
  • Supported with technical expertise in R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and Marketing Services.
  • Flexibility and choice in scope and range of services to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Certified and audited to World Class Standards, with an exceptional record of regulatory compliance and high quality products and service.
  • Provide OEM approved and custom formulation and manufacturing.
  • In-house capabilities and expertise for full range of R&D, Physical and Chemical, Functional and Quality Testing requirements – including Practical End Use Testing Protocols. Partner with clients to design and conduct End Use efficacy testing procedures.


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