Primary Use

Electrical Contact Cleaner will quickly and effectively dissolve and remove any oil, dirt and oxidation build-up on all types of electrical contacts, switches, terminals and connectors.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use aerosol format and extension tube allow for direct and precise application of the cleaner to the affected contact surfaces, even in hard-to-reach or confined areas.
  • Electrical Contact Cleaner dries quickly and leaves no harmful residue.
  • Non-chlorinated Formulation.

Directions for Use

  • Disconnect power supply to electrical components which require cleaning.
  • Apply Electrical Contact Cleaner directly and sparingly to surfaces and areas that require cleaning.
  • Allow product to evaporate completely before re-connecting the power supply.
  • Surfaces may be wiped using a soft, lint-free cloth after application of the cleaner to aid in the drying process.


1. Does the dissolved residue need to be wiped off?

No, it dries and leaves no residue.

2. Will it harm the plastic housing of the electrical connectors?

No, the cleaner evaporates quickly so it will not harm the plastic.

3. Is it flammable?

Yes. Ensure power supply is disconnected before using. Avoid flames, hot surfaces and electrical sparks.

Why Shrader?

For 60 years Shrader Canada Limited has provided high quality products for the chemical industry. Shrader's continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as a leader in the industry. With a complete line of service chemicals that are OEM approved, Electrical Contact Cleaner is another product proven to effectively clean contacts, switches, terminals and connectors to ensure optimum power transfer.


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