Primary Use

Engine oil viscosity reduction, contaminant and acid build-up from severe duty driving cycles and infrequent oil changes will result in increased engine oil consumption, noisy valve train (rockers, followers, lifters) and premature engine wear.

Key Features

  • Controls oil detergency, corrosion and engine wear
  • Performs under severe service conditions of high load and high operating temperatures
  • Ensures maximum engine protection

Directions for Use

  • Add the entire container contents to the engine oil at, or between, oil changes.


1. When should I use Engine Oil Supplement?

It is best to use with every oil change.

2. How long will it last once used?

It was last until you perform the next oil change.

3. Can I use this with a diesel engine?

Yes, the product can be used with a diesel engine. Check the label for proper usage.

4. Can this be used with Synthetic oil?

Yes, the product can be used with synthetic motor oil.

Why Shrader?

Shrader provides 60 years of experience with chemical lubricants. Our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as industry leaders. This product will keep your engine under control and protected. Shrader is trusted by all prominent OEM’s with our products.


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