Primary Use

Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer was designed to provide maximum protection against fuel phase separation and against metal surface oxidation within the fuel system. Corrosion protection for fuel tank and internal engine components. Formula contains a detergent to prevent deposit formation in the fuel system. Easier engine starting following storage.

Key Features

  • Protection against fuel phase separation and metal surface oxidation. Corrosion protection, fuel tank protection and internal engine component protection
  • Easier engine-start after storage
  • Prevents deposit formation in the fuel system

Directions for Use

  • Add 15 ml of product to 1 gallon of gasoline, up to six months storage.
  • Add to fuel tank prior to storage and run the engine for 10-15 minutes.


1. How long will Fuel Stabilizer keep my fuel fresh?

It can keep fuel fresh for up to 24 months. Depending on the quality, type and source of the gasoline as well as storage conditions.

2. How much Fuel Stabilizer should I add to fuel?

Please read label and instructions for proper amounts to be added for storage, performance and marine.

3. Can I use Ethanol Fuel Treatment in Diesel Fuel?

No, this is not recommended. Please use a specific Diesel Fuel treatment for Diesel fuel.

4. Do I need to flush out the engine before using this product?

No, just add the product and run engine normally or store the vehicle or equipment.

5. What is the difference between the Fuel stabilizer and Fuel treatment?

The Fuel stabilizer is recommended for storage and the Fuel treatment is for performance.

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