Primary Use

Shrader Fogging Oil protects against engine corrosion during storage. It is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection to internal engine components during storage or long periods of inactivity.

During storage or periods of inactivity such factors as fluctuations in ambient temperature and water vapor can form condensate within the engine components. When condensate comes in contact with steel or other components within the engine it can cause surface corrosion. Long periods of storage can also dry out engine components resulting in permanent damage when the equipment is taken out of storage and dry started.

Shrader Fogging Oil is formulated to provide long term protection against storage issues such as corrosion and dry-starts which results in extended engine life and reduced maintenance.

Fogging Oil application can be used on the following:

  • motorcycles
  • snowmobiles
  • ATVs
  • outboard motors
  • stern drive and inboard marine engines
  • personal watercraft
  • lawn equipment, chainsaws, snowblowers, hand-held power equipment,
  • powered farm equipment
  • powered construction equipment
  • cars and trucks.

Key Features

  • Coats internal engine components to protect against corrosion during storage.
  • Protects against dry starts after storage.
  • Lubricates engine cylinders to prevent damage at startup.
  • Displaces moisture from metal during storage.
  • Can be used on all internal combustion engines including 2 stroke engines, 4 stroke engines and diesel.

Directions for Use

  • Remove engine air filter or air intake housing and start engine.
  • With the engine running at a fast idle-spray Fogging Oil continuously for 5- 10 seconds into carburetor.
  • Turn off engine.
  • Remove spark plug(s) and spray for 5-10 seconds into each spark plug hole.
  • Slowly turn engine over several times by hand or electric starter.
  • Replace spark plug(s) and air filter or air intake housing.
  • For diesel engines, spray product through injector port(s) and turn engine over by hand or by using starter.


1. Does the engine need to be running when applying this product?

Yes, the engine needs to be running when applying the product.

2. What is Fogging Oil?

It is a corrosion preventative lubricant that when sprayed on engine components leaves a thin film of lubrication which remains intact during storage to prevent engine corrosion and allow easy startup after storage.

3. Is this product safe to use on MPI with oxygen sensors?

Yes, this product can be used on oxygen sensors.

Why Shrader?

  • Canadian-owned and operated, Shrader is a complete service company with 60 years of success.
  • A complete one-stop operation. All design, formulation, manufacturing, and supply chain services are managed in-house.
  • Supported with technical expertise in R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and Marketing Services.
  • Flexibility and choice in scope and range of services to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Certified and audited to World Class Standards, with an exceptional record of regulatory compliance and high quality products and service.
  • Provide OEM approved and custom formulation and manufacturing. In-house capabilities and expertise for full range of R&D, Physical and Chemical, Functional and Quality Testing requirements – including Practical End Use Testing Protocols.
  • Partner with clients to design and conduct End Use efficacy testing procedures.


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