Primary Use

Clean deposits. Deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves and fuel induction systems as well as combustion chambers will cause a variety of engine operability problems, resulting in poor driveability, increased emissions, increased fuel consumption, increased octane requirement and overall customer dissatisfaction. Fuel Injection Cleaner will cure all these problems.

Key Features

  • Cleans and removes deposits from engine parts
  • Improve fuel economy and reduce emissions
  • Restores power and improves overall driveability

Directions for Use

  • Follow Tool/Machine manufacturer’s instructions.


1. How much Fuel Injector Cleaner should I use?

Please refer to bottle for amount to be used based on the vehicle you have.

2. When do I add the fuel injection cleaner?

The standard practice is to add the fuel injection cleaner first. But it will be fine in both cases as it will mix up.

3. Can fuel injector cleaner be used in a diesel engine?

No, it is recommended to use a diesel injector cleaner product for Diesel engines.

4. Will Fuel Injector Cleaner improve my mileage?

Yes, it will improve your vehicle’s mileage. You will drive longer on gallon fuel.

Why Shrader?

Shrader provides 60 years of experience with chemical lubricants. Our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as industry leaders.


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