Primary Use

Deposits on fuel injectors, intake valves and fuel induction systems as well as combustion chambers will cause a variety of engine operability problems resulting in poor drivability, increased emissions, increased fuel consumption and overall customer dissatisfaction.

Key Features

Fuel Injector Cleaner with fuel is a heavy-duty cleaner for use in resolving engine operability problems. Using this product with an approved tool will allow the service technician to accomplish the following:

  • Clean deposits from fuel injectors to restore fuel delivery and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Help remove deposits from intake valves and the fuel induction system to improve fuel/air flow.
  • Remove deposits from the combustion chamber to prevent pinging, knocking and run-on.
  • Free sticking piston rings to improve compression and engine efficiency.
  • Oxygen and catalytic converter safe.

Directions for Use

  • This pressurized product must be used with the appropriate installation tool.
  • Refer to the tool manufacturer’s directions for proper procedure.
  • Procedures ought to be strictly followed.


1. Is the tool readily available?

Yes, Shrader can provide the tools or they may be found at most automotive supply stores.

2. How long does it take to service the engine?

Once the tool is connected to the engine it will take approximately 5 minutes to clean the engine. The engine should be run for 2-3 minutes after the service has been completed to ensure that the chemical has been completely vacated.

3. Will one can effectively do the job?

Yes, one can is the recommended quantity for this service.

Why Shrader?

Shrader Canada Limited manufactures a complete line of automotive service chemicals that are trusted by professionals. Our list of OEM formulations is the largest in Canada. These products regularly outperform competitive products in independent lab and field testing.


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