Primary Use

Leather and Vinyl Cleaner will remove dirt from leather and vinyl surfaces, including seats, dashboards, trim and vinyl roofs.

Key Features

  • Restores leather and vinyl sheen
  • Leaves a protective coating that will help repel dirt and grime
  • Useful as a spot remover on vinyl and leather surfaces

Directions for Use

  • Apply Leather & Vinyl Cleaner directly and liberally to areas that require cleaning.
  • Rub into leather or vinyl using a soft cloth or sponge until dirt is removed and the leather or vinyl sheen is restored.
  • Wipe surface clean with a dry cloth.


1. Is it foamy?

Yes, this is a high-foam product.

2. Can I use a scrub brush instead of a cloth or sponge?

Yes, but It is recommended to use a sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratching the leather or vinyl surfaces.

3. Does it have an odour?

Yes, mild, pleasant, pine odor.

4. Is it flammable?

No, because it is a water based product.

Why Shrader?

Shrader provides 60 years of experience with chemical lubricants. Our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as industry leaders. Our Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is another OEM approved and trusted formula.


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