Primary Use

Multi-purpose Cleaner is a versatile industrial strength, multi-use, multi-surface cleaning product.

Key Features

  • Effectively removes dirt, scuff marks, stains and grime from a variety of materials.
  • Non-chlorinated, non-ammonia, low odour product.
  • Spray bottle provides ease of application.
  • Concentrated formula is excellent for spot removing.

Directions for Use

  • Spray multi-purpose cleaner on a clean, soft cloth or sponge, or directly on the surface requiring cleaning.
  • Wipe surface clean immediately.
  • Heavily soiled spots or areas may require a second application and working the product into the area with a soft bristled brush.


1. Can this product be used on a glass surface?

No, this product is not recommended for use on glass surfaces.

2. Is it ok if I get the product on my skin?

Yes, but rinse thoroughly and read all handling instructions on product packaging.

3. Can I use this product on painted surfaces?

Yes, but not recommended. We suggest Shrader’s All Purpose Wash.

4. Can this product be diluted?

Yes, but it is recommended to use at full strength.

5. What surfaces should this product NOT be used on?

Not recommended to use on glass, plastic wind-screens, touch screen, TV screens.

Why Shrader?

For 60 years Shrader Canada Limited has provided high quality products for the chemical industry. Shrader's continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as a leader in the industry. With a complete line of service chemicals that are OEM approved, Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner is another versatile product that will provide the flexibility needed to keep surfaces clean.


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