Primary Use

Fuel and combustion deposits will form on critical engine components, including fuel injectors, intake parts and valves as well as combustion chambers. These deposits will cause less-than-desirable engine operation resulting in drivability problems such as hesitation, stalling, reduced power and performance. They will also increase fuel consumption and emissions and possible octane requirement.

Key Features

  • Rapid cleaning performance of fuel injectors.
  • Exceptional cleaning on intake manifolds, intake valves and ports and the entire fuel system.
  • Improved fuel combustion resulting in improved performance.
  • Elimination of pinging and knocking caused by deposit buildup in the combustion chamber.
  • Prevention of engine octane requirement increase.
  • Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe.

Directions for Use

  • Add contents of container of Premium Fuel Injector Cleaner to fuel tank at time of fill-up.
  • One container treats up to 90 litres of gasoline.


1. Is this product safe for all gasoline engines?

Yes, this formulation is effective for all internal combustion engines.

2. Will it dissolve gum and varnish in the engine?

Yes, it is designed to remove any contaminants in the engine.

3. Will it harm aluminum engine components?

No, it is safe for all engine components.

Why Shrader?

Shrader Canada Limited has manufactured automotive service chemicals for over 60 years and Premium Fuel Injector Cleaner is the most effective injector cleaner in the line. This formula meets and exceeds OEM requirements.


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