Primary Use

Rim Release is a multi-application chemical that penetrates between close tolerance parts composed of various materials. It quickly dissolves and loosens rust, corrosion and dirt. This chemical will penetrate the tightest areas. This fast acting lubricant frees struck or seized materials for easy removal, separation and smooth operation. This product does not have the harsh odour usually associated with similar products. The solvents in Rim Release help clean and remove grease, tar and other build-up, leaving a very thin coating to help protect metals and prevent future seizing. Ideal for use in Tire and Auto service shops, as well as for heavy-duty, industrial, agricultural and marine applications.

Key Features

  • Fast acting, no harsh odour, multi-application, protects surfaces.
  • Dissolves, loosens rust, corrosion, dirt, frees stuck and seized material.

Directions for Use

  • Spray or pour in area where bead and rim meet.
  • Allow Rim Release to soak in for a few minutes.
  • Remove tire in the usual manner.


1.Can this be used on multiple surfaces?

Yes, product can be used on multiple surfaces

2.Does the product have a fragrance?

Yes, the product does have fragrance added. At the same time does not provide any harsh odour.

3.Is the product safe to use?

Yes, the product is safe to use in shops and garage environments.

4.Is this product provided in an Aerosol?

No, this product currently is not provided in an Aerosol can. The product is available in different sizes of cans and pails.

Why Shrader?

Shrader’s Rim Release makes the removal of tires from rusted rims easier, with no special tools or equipment needed. Easy and safe to use anywhere with no heavy pounding and damage to the tires. Rim Release will make your stubborn job and easy one. Shrader provides 60 years of experience with chemical lubricants. Our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as industry leaders.

Customer Testimonial
“Easy to use, effective and quick! We are happy with the product” – Kim McNight, Carmen Transportation


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