Primary Use

Varnish and carbon build-up in any size engine will cause starting and operating problems, especially when the engine is small, such as on a lawn mower, grass trimmer, chain saw, snow thrower, etc.

Key Features

  • Contains cleaners, lubricants, and anti-corrosion additives.
  • Cleans the entire system.
  • Removes fuel-related deposits, resulting in smoother operation.

Directions for Use

  • Add contents directly to the fuel.
  • Use 15 mL for every 4.5L (1 gallon) of fuel.
  • For safety, add Small Engine Tune-Up to the fuel in the fuel storage container, rather than the fuel tank on the equipment.


Will this product help prevent carbon build up?

This product will clean and condition any engine to improve performance and fuel economy.

How often should I use the product?

It is recommended at every oil change service, but it can depend on the make of your vehicle.

Can this be used in all car types?

Yes, this can be used in gas, ethanol and diesel vehicles.

Why Shrader?

Shrader provides 60 years of experience with chemical lubricants. Our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as industry leaders. Small Engine tune-up is formulated to assist in preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Restores power, soothes engine performance, and removes deposits. Keep your car running smoothly with Small Engine Tune-Up.


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