Primary Use

Throttle Body Cleaner is an effective product used to clean air throttle valves, idle air control valves and the internal surfaces of the air intake manifold.

Key Features

  • Non-chlorinated solvent-based aerosol cleaner will clean effectively and dry quickly.
  • Aerosol format provides ease of use to direct the spray onto surfaces and linkages requiring cleaning, as well as into the intake manifold to clean varnish and dirt from the manifold walls.
  • 360-degree valving allows the user to spray with the can inverted/upside down.
  • Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter safe.

Directions for Use

  • Disconnect the air intake hose from the air intake manifold and pull to the side.
  • With the engine running at high idle, spray Throttle Body Cleaner onto the throttle linkages, throttle valve surfaces and into the intake manifold until clean.
  • Excess product may be absorbed with shop towel.
  • Some air control valves may require removal to facilitate cleaning.
  • The throttle body should be cleaned whenever the air intake system is serviced.


1. Is it flammable?

Yes, the product is very flammable and should not be used near hot surfaces. Regular safety precautions should be adhered to.

2. Can it be used on a hot engine?

No, DO NOT use on a hot engine, allow it to cool. The product is very flammable.

3. Will it damage painted surfaces?

It is not recommended to spray on painted surfaces. Any over spray should be wiped off immediately.

Why Shrader?

For 60 years Shrader Canada Limited has provided high quality products for the chemical industry. Shrader's continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as a leader in the industry. With a complete line of service chemicals that are OEM approved, Throttle Body Cleaner is another product proven to be an effective cleaner in the air intake system and a regular tune-up item.


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