Primary Use

Key Features

  • Just spray on and walk away.
  • Lifts and dissolves dirt and leaves the tires with high gloss shine.
  • No wiping, no rubbing, no mess.
  • Penetrates road grime, dirt and scuff marks.
  • Provides a rich, long-lasting shine.

Directions for Use

  • Spray Tire Cleaner Foam on tire.
  • Allow foam to dissipate. Do not scrub or rinse off.


1. Will it harms painted surfaces?

No, it is a silicone based formula.

2. Will it damage chrome or alloy wheels?

No, however any excess residue should be wiped off so that there will be no "sling" on the side of the vehicle.

3. Does it contain silicone?

Yes, it is an emulsified silicone formula and no recommended for body shop application.

Why Shrader?

Titan Tire Cleaner Foam cleans, shines and protects in one easy step. Leaves a clean, new-tire finish and prevents cracking and hardening.


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