Primary Use

Tire Shine & Dressing not only beautifies tires but also works on rubber, plastic and vinyl bumpers and trim. This dry, non-greasy formula leaves a dry satin finish. It not only provides shine to tires and trim but also protects from sunlight and weathering. It can also be used for interior surfaces when used with a cloth.

Key Features

  • Spray and walk away. No wiping.
  • Safe on all rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces.
  • Can be used on interior surfaces as well. Dashboards, air vents, consoles and door panels.
  • Excellent for engine compartment detailing.
  • Protective barrier that helps repel dirt, dust and grime.

Directions for Use

  • Spray directly on tires, bumpers and walk away.
  • For use on interior surfaces it is suggested that wiping may level the product more evenly.


1. Is it body-shop safe?

Yes, Tire Shine & Dressing contains no silicone.

2. Can it be used on leather seats?

Yes, but it should be wiped to even the coating and remove any excess product.

3. Is it non-flammable?

Yes, it contains no petroleum distillates.

Why Shrader?

Shrader Canada Limited has provided products for the chemical industry for 60 years. Our continued dedication to innovation and client satisfaction separates us as industry leaders. Our Tire Shine & Dressing is an OEM approved product that is silicone free and safe for body shop use but provides a clean "new tire" look.


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