Primary Use

Use Touch Screen Cleaner to gently and effectively clean touch screens in cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Key Features

  • Safely removes oil, grease, grime and other non-abrasive stains.
  • For use on any touch screen surface including GPS, vehicle DVD displays, cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Directions for Use

  • Spray Touch Screen Cleaner on a soft, clean microfiber cloth.
  • Use this cloth to gently rub the surface to be cleaned.
  • For stubborn, dried-on, stains the process may need to be repeated until surface is clean.
  • For best results, the product should always be used with a soft microfiber cloth, never with paper towels or other types of wipes that could scratch the touch screen surface.


1. What kind of cloth can be used instead of a microfiber cloth?

You could use the cloth that comes with eyeglasses or sunglasses. Use any kind of soft cloth that is lint free. Do not use a paper towel or tissue, they are too abrasive.

2. Does it contain ammonia?

No, it does not contain ammonia or any other harsh chemicals.

3. Is it safe to use on a TV screen as well?

If it is a touch screen TV then it is safe, otherwise no it is not safe on TV screens.

4. Will it freeze?

Yes, because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol, it will freeze if left in your vehicle in sub-zero temperatures.

Why Shrader?

  • Canadian-owned and operated, Shrader is a complete service company with 60 years of success.
  • A complete one-stop operation. All design, formulation, manufacturing, and supply chain services are managed in-house.
  • Supported with technical expertise in R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and Marketing Services.
  • Flexibility and choice in scope and range of services to meet the requirements of our customers.
  • Certified and audited to World Class Standards, with an exceptional record of regulatory compliance and high quality products and service.
  • Provide OEM approved and custom formulation and manufacturing.
  • In-house capabilities and expertise for full range of R&D, Physical and Chemical, Functional and Quality Testing requirements – including Practical End Use Testing Protocols.
  • Partner with clients to design and conduct End Use efficacy testing procedures.


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