Business efficiency isn’t just about quality products; it’s also about quality service. Our all-in-one business model includes a diverse set of services designed to bring the best out of your OEM, distribution, and management capabilities.

Shrader understands that the needs of the industry are constantly changing. Our flexible service offerings are designed to align your business with developing industry trends and the specific needs of your customers.

Your brand is in good hands at Shrader.


Instant Brand Recognition.

It’s not enough to offer a quality product these days. Brands need a distinct style to stand out in this competitive market and make lasting impressions with consumers. Shrader understands the need for individuality in what you offer your customers, and has plenty of packaging design options to give your products an individualized style. Choose from a selection of proprietary packaging designs, shapes, and brands to tailor your products to your customers’ exact preferences. Our in-house compliance team will work with you to ensure that your unique labelling is developed according to your brand AND to government standards.

At Shrader, we offer diverse options for package coloring, sizing, and labelling, even for bottles and aerosols that are limited by industry standards. Our packaging services ensure that each product you stock bears your company’s unique brand and sets you apart from the competition in your customers’ minds.

Bottle design

Brand identity in any market is a critical factor to long term success. We challenge the industry norms, offering customers new ways to go beyond standard colours, size and labelling of their products. Differentiate your brand from your competitors by choosing from packaging and bottling options that are impactful and affordable.


  • Embossed branded bottles
  • Proprietary bottle shapes
  • Broad range of bottle capacity sizes for each of the shapes
  • Convert cone top bottle to appear as part of an aerosol can family of products by redesigning an aerosol cap to fit the bottle cap
  • Multi-Dose dispensing technology in four capacities and short and long neck offerings
  • Bottle connectors to create multi-unit sales

Aerosol products

Brand identity can be difficult to establish on aerosol products, because industry standard containers are limited to one of two styles. That doesn’t give you very many options to be creative. We’ve worked with our suppliers to develop aerosol containers that provide variety in style, shape, size and functionality.


  • Channel cap with integrated straw
  • Channel cap with integrated tool
  • Hexagonal (bolt) shaped cap
  • Derby-style cap with or without straw
  • One-to-four colour printing on cap

Customize your packaging

Many Shrader products can be combined and sold as a kit. Our custom kit program gives you the option to package products together, in any combination or quantity.

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Inventory Made Easy.

We have spent decades investing in and refining our warehouse and logistics centres to create the best blend of convenience and service agility to meet your needs.

Our industry-leading system ensures that all goods are contained, classified, and stored to be compliant with packaging and labeling regulations while keeping your business goals in mind. Whether you need dedicated space for your inventory or professional assistance with your logistics, Shrader’s warehousing solutions take the pressure off your shoulders and guarantees efficient storage and delivery every step of the way.

Your brand handled with care.


Empowerment Through Education

Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to understanding your business’s OEM products. With decades of experience in chemical manufacturing, Shrader’s expert team provides educational resources and marketing materials designed to empower you and your team. With our professional expertise at the helm, your employees and service technicians can learn the ins and outs of our product line and pass that knowledge along to your customers. This insight will give your technicians an edge over competitors, and will guarantee that all staff members on your team are up to date with the latest information on how to get the most mileage out of your products.

Bulk Solutions

Shrader Solutions Are Never “One-Size-Fits-All.”

Bulk containment is an ongoing challenge for industrial service providers, but Shrader’s innovative bulk storage system changes the game. By aligning ourselves with a global supplier base, our bulk containment services go beyond traditional pail and jug storage. With unique, horizontal plane storage capabilities, our competitive design provides container storage, simple collection of chemical drippings, and extra space for dispensing systems. This translates to more efficient, cost-effective storage on your end. Plus, our eco-friendly bulk refill systems reduce waste and give you the peace of mind that all environmentally-conscious businesses enjoy.

Alternative Solutions

Bulk refill systems have traditionally been wasteful and costly. We offer alternative eco-friendly dispensing solutions for bulk products that replicate use and performance requirements, without the harmful effects.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce costs associated with the disposal of empty plastic bottles and pressurized aerosol cans
  • Reduce ozone depleting gases
  • Reduce shipping costs due to the reclassification of chemicals

Bulk storage systems

It has long been a challenge for service and industrial servicing locations to afford the proper storage systems for bulk containment. We can reverse the trend with smart, inexpensive solutions to chemical bulk storage.

We’ve aligned ourselves with a global supplier base that has developed an alternative to expensive, and often ineffective, pail and jug storage systems. We offer a unique system that stores bulk containers on a horizontal plane, allowing three pails to be stacked instead of just one. It’s a more robust design that allows for the storage of smaller bulk containers, collects and stores chemical drippings, and provides storage space for service tools and dispensing systems.

Filling Solutions

From under one roof, we offer a complete range of filling capabilities to meet the needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to fill in the gaps or need us to take care of everything from blend to fill, packaging to distribution – we have the filling solution to suit.

How can we help? Use filling solutions for:

  • Filling products geographically closer to your customers
  • Reducing the concern over max filling capacity
  • Filling both aerosol and bottles
  • An alternative to purchasing new equipment
  • Expanding a product line or breaking into a new market


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