How to Store your Snowmobile for Summer

May / 2017

Winter is long gone and our favorite snowmobile trails have long since converted from snow, to slush, and to mud. There’s not much use for a snowmobile anymore, so it’s time to put it away for the season. You could just put it out behind the shed, but you might likely be rewarded next season with a sputtering and corroded snowmobile. Such a snow machine would be unfit for a run down the driveway, much less your favorite trail or ice-fishing spot.

After spending thousands on a snowmobile, it only makes sense to do all you can to protect it during storage. Before you put your snowmobile away, here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing your snowmobile for summer storage.

Engine and Drive Belt Care

While cleaning the rest of the snowmobile, use Shrader’s Heavy Duty Degreaser under the hood to remove oil and grease residue from the engine and surrounding areas. This will prevent corrosion and improve engine cooling next season.

Add Shrader’s Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer to the fuel tank and top off with fresh fuel. Run the engine five to ten minutes to distribute treated fuel through the entire fuel system. Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer will prevent fuel oxidation, fuel separation, and fuel system deposits for up to a year. Storing your sled with a full tank also prevents oxidation of fuel system components.

On sleds with carbureted engines, shut off the carburetor fuel supply and allow the engine to burn off any fuel left over in the carburetor – drain the float bowls, as well. Do not “burn off” the fuel in a fuel-injected engine.

While the engine is running, toward the end of the cycle pushing treated fuel through the system, spray Shrader’s Fogging Oil directly into the intake (through the carburetor if so equipped) until the engine sputters out. Fogging Oil leaves a protective lubricant coating in the intake and cylinder, preventing corrosion and lubricant dropout. Alternatively, remove the spark plug(s), spray Fogging Oil directly into the cylinder(s) and turn the engine over 2 or 3 revolutions to spread the oil on the cylinder walls. Replace the spark plug(s) to seal the engine.

Stuff the intake and exhaust with steel wool, treated with Shrader’s Chain Lube. Rodents are less likely to gnaw their way through steel wool to build a nest, and Chain Lube will keep it from rusting.

On four-stroke engines, change the crankcase oil. This will remove old oil and water condensation. Replace the chaincase oil, as well.

Remove the drive belt. This will prevent belt memory problems, reduce strain on the transmission pulleys, and prevent condensation issues.

Clean, Protect, and Store

Clean your snowmobile thoroughly, under the hood and in the suspension and track. Salt, sand, dirt, and grime will accelerate corrosion all through the off-season. Shrader’s Car Wash is a good option, proven to clean and shine painted, chrome, and fiberglass surfaces. After cleaning, apply Shrader’s Polish and buff with a soft cloth for a brilliant shine and environmental protection.

Clean vinyl seats with Shrader’s Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and a soft cloth. Afterward, restore luster and flexibility and prevent drying out with Shrader’s Leather and Vinyl Conditioner.

To take the strain off the track and suspension, loosen all adjustable suspension and track tension components. Lubricate all fittings with appropriate grease to force corrosion-accelerating water out of the joints. Spray a light coating of Shrader’s Flexi-Film on all metal parts to prevent corrosion.

The best way to store your snowmobile for Summer is in a dry spot, under a soft cover, and out of direct sunlight. Do not try to “seal up” your snowmobile, as this will encourage condensation, mold and mildew growth, and corrosion. Store your snowmobile on blocks or a stand that keeps the skis and track off the ground. This will prevent damage to the suspension and prevent corrosion if any condensation builds on the floor.

Why Choose Shrader?

Shrader Canada has worked with powersports manufacturers for over sixty years, developing chemical products to clean, lubricate, and protect all parts of your snowmobile. In fact, over 150 of our products are manufacturer approved. When you’re ready to put your snowmobile away for Summer, or ready to take it out again next Winter, use Shrader Canada products to keep it running strong.


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